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Cacti & Friends

Our artist in chief has been drawing all her life. Creating objects from metal wire came as a natural extension. As she bends and welds the wire, she feels she is drawing in three dimensions. Metal wire is a simple, malleable medium, which offers endless artistic potential. Intriguing viewers with a false impression of looking at two-dimensional drawings, the structure changes appearance as the observer moves around the structure and challenges the mind as to what it is really viewing. 


By building the outlines of shapes, we create a sense of volume where there is emptiness, sculpting in the air as we form the wire. The colorful diffusers add an element of playfulness to our 3 dimensional drawings. 

Adopt a new friend

Add some whimsicality to your life and adopt one of our characters. 

Also you don't need to have a green thumb to adopt one of our cacti.  

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