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Our collections are hand crafted using upcycled materials. We see beauty and elegance in these discarded items and feel that giving them a new life is a symbolic but important message for our consumerist society.

Many Bottles Later 


Our glass cloud bottles are upcycled from the healthcare industry. Everyday, hospitals throw away similar bottles by the thousands. A medium size hospital can easily throw away 100000 bottles a year! We are able to save a few from destruction by carefully cleaning them and repurposing them. Upcycling is a lot of work but it is the good use of readily available materials. So, the bigger the cloud, the more bottles, the better it is for the environment! We are dreaming big, one little bottle at a time. 

About Incandescent Light Bulbs

The light bulbs that we use for our Light Rain and Bubble Clouds series were found in various recycling centres. You might have thought they were there to get recycled… But sadly not. Although they are being collected, only CFL lights (compact fluorescent) light bulbs are recycled. The incandescent light bulbs that we recovered were heading for the landfill. By using these elegantly designed industrial bulbs we are helping the earth while also saving some of these beautiful artifacts that will soon be seen as being retro and symbols of a bygone industrial era.

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