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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect


Kinetic Mobile

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    The ‘Butterfly Effect' concept originated from Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory. It rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected; one small action can have powerful unexpected consequences.

    This sculpture is an assemblage of stylized renditions of butterfly wings. As the shapes move we observe the many possible arrangements they can take, none being exactly the same. This is a reminder that there are multiple possible outcomes to the actions we take and that we can never fully visualize all the possible outcomes. No matter who you are, you can meaningfully impact the world.

    It has been selected for the Parker Art Salon 2023 and exhibited at Pendulum Gallery in Vancouver, BC.

    This very light sculpture is easily suspended with a simple open hook installed in the ceiling. It comes fully assembled.

    Medium: Aluminium, Oil Paint, Gold Leaf

    Size: 72" H x 40" W 

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