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Our colorful Orbs collection is expanding. They now come in many configurations: as suspended mobiles or as two different table top versions, the choice is yours. Casting a unique kind of light, they remind us of sunlight diffused by a dense tree foliage. Each piece is unique, you can choose from a variety of colors; we customize them to perfectly fit your space.

Get ready to be mesmerized by your own small universe!

About our Orbs

Each orbs structure is shaped and welded locally in our Vancouver studio. As they are made by hand, no two pieces are exactly the same, giving each of them a unique personality. They require very little material, making them light on the environment as well as in your hands. The colorful diffusers are also our creations. We weave thin copper wire with a technique that we developed and that is truly unique. Who doesn’t like being unique? Our orbs certainly enjoy it!       

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