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Experimental Art

Before making lights, we made mobiles. Inspired by the great American sculptor, Alexander Calder we crafted kinetic sculptures that, with the slightest breeze, drift through the air. These fascinating objects cast the greatest shadows. It made us think; what if we could incorporate lights into them? This is how our adventures into the fascinating world of lighting began. We are very proud to have conquered multiple technical challenges and made illuminated mobiles a reality. This being said, we keep on evolving artistically and are now crafting light sculptures you can admire not only suspended from ceiling but also sitting on tables and floors. We even have a secret project to beautify sun filled windows!

A balancing act  


Designing mobiles requires patience, precision and dedication. Unlike static artwork, mobiles are constantly moving with the slightest air current, always changing their forms. You have to imagine all the possible configurations while designing them so that they always remain visually interesting to their viewer. 

Never fully knowing what will happen next is what we believe makes them fascinating to look at!

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