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Wire Sculpture

  • Details

    These lightweight sculpture is made of black annealed steel wire.

    Shaped & welded by hand.

    Approximated Size: 10" H x 8" W x 8" D

  • Inspiration

    Influenced by innovative sculptors working with this same medium, like Alexander Calder and Ruth Asawa, we strive to create unusual yet elegant forms. Intriguing viewers with a false impression of looking at two-dimensional drawings, the structure changes appearance as the observer moves around the structure and challenges the mind as to what it is really viewing. 

  • About this Series

    These 3 dimensional portraits are like pencil drawings of people but with an added dimension. As the sculptures spin, the portraits change in unexpected ways. While observing these different perspectives you might find yourself thinking that they could reveal different aspects of the subject personality.

  • Commission a Portrait

    We do welcome portrait commissions. All we need is a few pictures, preferably from various angles. Also useful is to have a some indications of the person personality. The more we know about the subject the easier it is to make a portrait.

    The artist will start by making a few 2D sketches. Once approved she will work with wire and make the portrait in 3D.

    Children, pet, yourself, a lover, the whole family, a favorite object, portraits can take many forms. Tell us what you have in mind!

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